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CapShield Plus Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection - Canine

CapShield Plus is a combination of Nitinpyram and Lufenuron (CapStar & Program). With Lufenuron you get month long protection and with Nitenpyram you get total flea kill in under 30 minutes. Sourced and packaged in the USA. 

Available in the following sizes:

  • Puppies and Small Dogs - 2 to 10 lbs. - Item# 922112
  • Puppies and Small Dogs - 11 to 25 lbs. - Item# 922113
  • Medium Dogs - 26 to 45 lbs. - Item# 922114
  • Medium and Large Dogs - 46 to 90 lbs. - Item# 922115

A single dose of CapShield Plus can be provided once monthly as needed, or once monthly for continued supplementation/protection. CapShield Plus capsules are recommended for dogs 8 weeks or older.